The behavior of your child before, during, or after physical education class and or lunch recess has not been acceptable based on standard behavioral expectations.  Please address the behavioral expectations listed below with your child to resolve and assist the child with maintaining appropriate behavior.

Standard Behavior Expectations

1.      Student actively listens and follows instructions/directions of teachers/staff.

2.      Student demonstrates respect for teachers, staff and other students.

3.      Student demonstrates cooperation, positive attitude and respects the personal space of teachers/staff and other students.

4.      Student participates in physical education class exercise and activities to the best of their abilities without inhibiting, distracting or interfering with other students.

5.      Student demonstrates and understands inappropriate physical contact with teachers/staff and other students is not acceptable behavior.

Listed below are unacceptable behaviors observed by the physical education instructors that require a report to a parent or guardian of the child.

o       Refusal to line up before, during or after PE class.

o       Inattentive during class time: inhibiting, distracting and interfering with other students’ learning.

o       Endangering themselves or other students.

o       Inappropriate physical contact with other students.

o       Refusal to participate in PE class exercise and activities, poor sportsmanship, excessive rough play.

o       Student verbally abusive, use of inappropriate words for school (i.e.foul language), or inappropriate/intimidating body gestures towards teacher, staff or another student.


            The physical education instructors are available to discuss your child’s behavior and assist with developing appropriate behavior skills during their elementary school experience.  Contact the office to leave a message, we will return your call during our conference time or after school.